Thursday, December 11, 2008

Get a DWI Once….Shame On You! Get a DWI 2x’s……Shame on the Gov.!?

Drinking and Driving is dumb and stupid. Yes you all have heard that. And there is a large percentage of the population that knows just how dumb and expensive it really is. Then there are those who have had much worse than a slap on the wrist. Well The Government could eliminate all repeat DWI’s forever! Well almost all of the time.

There is something called an Interlock Breathalyzer Test. This nifty device attaches to your car’s ignition. What it does is measure the alcohol content of your breath. It’s the same thing a Police Officer would do to you at a traffic stop if he thought you were under the influence. If you blow a .08 into this device, you ignition on your car would be locked and you would be going nowhere. After 10 minutes you can try it again. If we lived in a perfect world every Government… it Local, State, or even National; would mandate this sweet product for those who have received DWI’s. full story

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