Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nissan’s Anti-Drunk Driving Technology….At Least Someone Is Trying!

In today’s world…..everyone knows the dangers of drunk driving; yet we still have thousands of deaths related to alcohol on our roads every year. The Interlock Breathalyzer Test which I wrote about awhile back was a great idea. Now Nissan has taken another big step in the right direction by implementing Anti-Drunk Driving Technology into their upcoming cars.

The first Anti-Drunk Driving Gadget is also the most popular way to identify a drunk. The shift knob will house a sensor that can detect the presence of Alcohol through your perspiration! When detected the cars transmission automatically locks up….and prevents the driver from going anywhere! There will also be sensors in the seats to detect alcohol on the driver’s breath. full story

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  1. Nice work Nissan, this technology have the ability to save many of lifes & reduce the drunk drivers on road.
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